Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Soccer....

Hudson is playing soccer and it's his first time. He has a great coach and they are the Sharks, this is such a cute age to watch play soccer all bundled together running all over the field... He loves it and and thinks he is pretty cool when he get to kick the ball, and he cant stop smiling the whole time!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The life of a SuperHero....
I love it when these 2 get along and today was one of those days. They played superheros for hours with no fighting (music to my ears), it was so cute I just had to get some pics of them jumping off the stairs being superheros pretending to save people!!
So dang cute!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bon Jovi....

What a AWESOME concert with great friends...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Basketball CHAMPS...

They did it again!! The boys are the CHAMPS for the second time at the Gym.... They played an amazingly close game, but came out with the win, so proud of the boys and the way they played at crunch time!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day!!!
The leprechaun has been to our house making a mess and leaving behind GREEN footprints, gold coins and splattered a little rainbow everywhere, also a pot of gold filled with some yummy GREEN treats! The kids were so excited and they had a fun time following the footprints all over the house before they disappeared...

Our family had a little Irish party filled with lots of GREEN fun! HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY!!!
I'm such a LUCKY person to have what I have!! The most wonderful friends and amazing family ever...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 37th Birthday to the most wonderful husband and dad!! We celebrated his birthday with a little shopping followed by a yummy dinner at Maddox's with his parents.. We love you so much and hope that you had a great day, because you defiantly deserve it!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Toothless Grin...

Brennick had 4 teeth pulled today at the dentist and was so brave. 3 right in the front the teeth are already coming in behind, and one in the back to make room for all his teeth. He looks a little different with all the missing teeth, and he says it's hard to eat without teeth... But his toothless grin is so darn cute!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

BYU Basketball...

WOW!!! What a fun game to be at! It was a packed house, the crowd was crazy (especially the student section), the cougars played great, and it was amazing watching Jimmer score 38pts... They honored the seniors Jimmer Fredette, Jackson Emery and Logan Magnusson. They hung a banner from the rafters with Stan Watts’ name on it, and I don’t know who Stan Watts was, but from what they said he was a great basketball coach… They chanted, “We love Davies” — a message aimed at the second-best-known Cougar player, seated courtside in a white shirt and tie, on the most publicized team in BYU history. They cheered as the Cougars, one by one, hoisted the Mountain West Conference championship trophy and cut down the net. Outside the COUGARS rang the victory bell and what a victory it was 102-78.... We had a great time and I don't think my boys will ever forget it nor will I!!!

We didn't take Emmie she stayed the day with aunt Nikki and Uncle Jeremy... So I thought it would be fun to bring her home a prize, and also because I knew she would be so cute in it!!! Here is our little BYU Cougar cheerleader!! And look she already knows who is #1!!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TEACH ME HOW TO JIMMER - Jimmer Fredette Song (full length)

We LOVE Jimmer!!!
My boys think Jimmer Fredette is the Man right now, and play his song just about every hour of everyday!!! They are super excited to be seeing him play on Saturday...

LYRICS to Teach Me How To Jimmer...

Verse 1: Mighty Quinn

(Hey Mighty Quinn) Wassup? (Can you teach me how to Jimmer?)
Well sit back and relax and just let this thought simmer, cause it seems that these days even Utah fans be gushing, and a you, you, you, you’re all man crushin. (ok)
Jimmer Fredette, (hey) Nuttin but net, crazy in a daze, no defense can faze, 30 footers he raises, always amazes,
nuttin but praise, T.J. taught him in phazes.
Boy is the truth! (how do you know?) Cause Nelly said it, he’s the real King James (what should I do?)
Just Fredette it.
P.O.Y.’s comin go handle your business, supposedly the best, whatchu talkin about Willis?
Don’t be talking trash cause ya know that he’s a winner so Trevon, Dairese, Kawhi, and Jiggy (GET JIMMERED!)
Even Wild Bill be blushin like a Portly Pirate Poet sayin (I’m in love and I just don’t care who knows it!)

Verse 2: KMC (Kalin Curran)

His mother named him Jimmer, he likes to bring the hammer, he kinda does a shimmer, he’s not much of a jammer, rise and shout they sing, he’s got you on a string,
he’s not much into bling , except for CTR rings,
Stopping, poppin, dudes blowing your mind,
Droppin dimes or even just getting to the line,
No comeback needed when Jimmers on the floor,
he’s ahead of the game fans storming the court,
Fellas think they can stop him talkin trash now you got your wish,ball don’t lie what you just heard was a swish,
nothing comes out when they moving their lips,
just a- just a- just a- just a bunch of Jimmer-ish.
They all love him, man woman and child,
Cause the 40 point games it be driving them wild,
best believe he’s getting 50, nifty, with a shifty flow,
Houston -Vegas -Provo welcome to the Jimmer show.

Verse 3: Definit (Sean Curran)

Jimmers in the game now ya really wish you wasn’t,
Now he’s hittin treys – Fredette about it cousin,
numbers don’t lie can’t bet against a winner,
Even Vegas sinners put their money on jimmer,
the fears in your eye so step aside junior,
Ricky Bobby couldn’t handle this cougar,
put you in a stretcher best believe you’ll need a suture,
Flying down the court somebody yell shooter!
Forget mountain dew I’m all jacked up on jimmer,
best scorer in the world check Kevin Durants twitter,
Coast to coast who loves him the most, huh?
Chuck Norris even has a Jimmer poster
32 your my hero yes yall heard me,
Superman sleeps in a (what) jimmer jersey,
now what I’m about to say just might sound crazy,
can you be the surrogate for my baby?

Verse 4: Young Sim (Simeon Lawrence)

Look I know I’m a UTE fan but let me get a few bars,
Never been a hater I admit he’s a true star.
Hardly agree when it comes to red & blue.
But on the real you could catch me doing the Jimmer too.
Fade away, jumpshot, off the pick, nice arch -
6’2″ guard he could take you off the dribble,
Probably shouldnt foul his free throw is official,
You could probably slow him down if you good with the officials, and 1 calls man i hardly heard the whistles,
So the fans – upset water bottles to the refs.
And im a keep it real, best guard in the west.
(WEST?! POY man, Jimmer Fredette)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Silly Boy...

Today at Preschool Hudson stuck a bean up his nose, and we couldn't get it out. He was a little panicked and started to cry when he realized that it wasn't coming out, he keep saying I don't want it to grow in my nose.... I took him to the doctor and they tried several different things before they decide to try the most awesome tool of all the "Katz Extractor"(thank goodness for the smart person that invented this tool). How it works is you Insert, Inflate and Extract pretty cool and it did the job after the 3rd time.... I cant believe how big the bean had gotten since he stuck it up there!! Now I hope he has learned his lesson on sticking things up his nose...