Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of 2nd grade!!!

Brennick is in 2nd grade now can you believe it!!! He is so excited to be back at school, he got Mrs. Mortensen and from what I can tell she is going to be great but is very strict which is what Brennick needs. Brennick loves school and I hope that is always the case.. Today at the bus stop it was so funny to listen to all the kids show off there new cool clothing and book bags as Brennick would say, They are TIGHT not cool...

The theme for the year is Cowboys and Cowgirls . Mrs. Mortensen gave all the buckaroos hats and bandanas. Here is Brennick looking the part, so handsome!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Game Time!!!
Brennick first football game was against Morgan. They got to play on the high school football field he thought it was so cool (just like the big kids).. He played really good and sacked the quarterback once he was way pumped about that!! One of the last plays Brennick took a helmet to the stomach and was trying his hardest not to cry,but when he seen us here came the waterworks.... They played there little hearts out but Morgan won them 13-33!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gone Fishing...
Matt's work summer party was tonight at the Cold Springs Trout Farm in North Ogden. The kids had so much fun fishing!! Brennick caught 2 after a long time trying, it seemed like every time he would get one it would wiggle its way off I think he was getting a little frustrated. Hudson our little fisherman had no problem and caught 3, but one got did get off. And for Emmerson she just wanted to get in the water and swim with the fish,but the bucket did keep her attention watching them flip around and she would even put her hand in and touch the fish. Matt did catch one on accident when he was trying to help the boys Ops.. After all we caught 5 fish and they were so proud of themselves. Thanks Kitmund Electric for a fun night ...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

OuR LiTtLe EmMeRsOn Is

I cant believe what a difference a year can make, not only her size but her personality as well...

Emmie in her birthday tutu!!! So stinkin CUTE!!

I cant believe my baby is already one where does the time go!! We are so happy to have her in our family she is such a joy and we love her to pieces... We had a good day we took her to McDonald's and she got her very first happy meal and she loved playing on the toys with the boys.. She is walking and is into everything, she has four teeth and is quiet a firecracker not to mention just a little spoiled!!!! We had our family and friends over for pizza and a princess party it was a lot of fun. She didn't like her birthday cake at all and wanted to play with every present she opened, she got clothes, books, a stroller, baby dolls to say it best she got so spoiled!!!

Thank you everyone we love you so much...

Me and Abby got into a frosting fight, and yes I LOST but hey she is younger than me. I guess I have learned my lesson not to mess with Abby because I will get it 10 times worse... Your like the little sister I never had, Love ya Abby!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Say Cheese!!!
I had the kids pictures taken by Heather Jenkins Photography and she did such an amazing job, it is so hard to pick just which one is my favorite. Thank You kids for being so good for the pictures, you are just so darn CUTE!!!

Emmerson's Gone Punk Rock!!!
Tegan decided to do Emmies hair into a mowhawk, I think it looks pretty cute...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

H2O FUN!!!

It's a Call Family tradition every year to do the sleep and swim package at the Marriott. Seven Peaks is so much fun they have everything you can think of to do, water slides, kiddie pools, wave pool, lazy river, swing rope and much more.. My kids love the water and were non stop all day long ( they must be part fish), and they definitely get that from there dad because I am not a big fan of water!! After a very long day at the water park we all headed over for dinner at the Brick Oven (very YUMMY). I don't know what it is about a hotel that kids like so much, but they had so much fun going from room to room, staying up late, and getting ice from the ice machine. It was a very fun weekend, THANK YOU Doug and Diane we had a blast!!!!